Here are some links that you should check out. I’m not affiliated with any of these things, I don’t get paid to put them on here, anything like that. I’m not sure what I’m ‘legally’ supposed to say, but hopefully you get the point and I don’t get sued.

ADH Creative Solutions – This is a website owned and operated by my very good friend Adam. Adam was one of the people who told me to follow my idea of starting a blog, so he gets the top spot. Adam also hosts a periodic podcast called “The Successful Side Gig”. On top of all that, he is a professional photographer in the Minneapolis area–check out some of his work!

Twin Cities Strength & Fitness – My brother Matt is personal trainer in Minneapolis, he’s very good and extremely well educated. Give him a shot!

Big Green Egg – This odd-looking “grill” has changed the way my wife and I eat. Seriously. Instead of going out to a restaurant, we go to the local grocery store and get something to make ourselves. Yes they’re expensive, but if you like making your own food on a grill at all, you need to try a Big Green Egg! (I’ll have several posts regarding food cooked on this)

This is all I can think of right now. I’ll get more soon…I’m off to a raving start! Let me know if you want to be included!