Welcome to “Not a Quite a Blog…Not Quite Not a Blog”!

[2020 Update!]: I’m strictly going to try and make you smile; maybe even laugh. There is definitely not enough of that in the world at the moment!

Thank you for stopping by! This is where I’m supposed to say something about the site and why I started a blog. Basically, I am doing this against everything that the experts tell you to do. I don’t have a specific topic or expertise, I don’t have a “plan”, I’m not even sure how many times I’ll post a blog. I just wanted to have an outlet to express myself through writing and share my thoughts and stories to the masses, or at least a couple dozen people. It’s just for fun, that’s it. I’ve “winged…(wung?….wang?) it” for the majority of my adult life and I’m happy with where I’ve ended up. So, this is going to be the same. No rhyme or reason, but hopefully you’ll enjoy it as well! I hope it makes you laugh and smile and you can relate to some of my stories and thoughts. If you’re reading this on your phone (as most probably are), you need to click “Menu” and then “Blog” to get to the good stuff. I’m working on fixing it so it shows up better…thanks!

If you have ideas for a blog topic or would like me to write about something let me know! Don’t say religion, politics, or money. Those are the 3 things you’re never supposed to talk with anyone about–So, I’m not going to do it here either.

Again, thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the stories! If you really enjoy them, please share them with your friends and family!

Thank you!!


Enjoy some of my most recent posts!

The Mattress Story

Buying an online mattress has big perks, some downfalls, but this has a happy ending. No-not THAT type of happy ending…

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