About Me


My name is Mike. You probably clicked on “About” because you have no idea what you’re getting in to. Well, that makes two of us! Me neither. I started this blog because I wanted an outlet that wasn’t limited to 140 (well, 280 now) characters on my Twitter page, and I wanted to expand my thinking past my friends and family on Facebook. Plus, people have told me “you should start a blog”, and being the Minnesota-Nice person that I am; I didn’t want to let them down. I’m happily married with 2 young daughters living in the rural suburbs of Minneapolis. Most of my blog posts will most likely be focused on random stories that happen to me in my daily life with kiddos, my thoughts on certain things going on in our society now (not really political–so don’t worry), and what it feels like to be a perpetual Minnesota Sports Fan. I try to get people to laugh, so my posts will be light-hearted and I write like I’m telling you the story in person. To accomplish this, I use an excessive amount of commas, dashes, parenthesis, and semi-colons. Deal with it. I hope you enjoy the blog!